About Martha Gipprich

Martha Gipprich┬áis a healthcare professional and a loving mother living in Reading, Pennsylvania. As a new mother to her infant son, Martha knows what it takes to juggle work and family. Raising a child is no joke, and it can take a lot out of the mother both physically and emotionally. However, the love she feels for her son and the joy she experiences watching him grow and learn makes everything worth it a million times over. On top of raising their son, Martha and her partner are currently renovating their home which is a project in and of itself, and while it introduces new stressors into their lives, it’s also an exciting project to undertake and be involved in.

In her professional life, Martha Gipprich is a Physician Assistant at Sunrise Pediatrics in Berks County. She works with acute and chronic pediatric patients to evaluate and treat them using the best methods possible.